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USDA Certified Organic + Fair Trade ADAPTOGENIC Mushroom Ground Arabica Coffee Blend- 16oz


Hey coffee lovers! 

Our full spectrum lion's mane powder has a minimum beta glucan content of 15%. Our chaga mushroom powder is made from organic chaga mushrooms (sclerotia) and mycelium. Chaga mushrooms contain a wide variety of constituents including beta-glucans and triterpenes. Long used in traditional Russian medicine as an adaptogen. Chaga is also extremely high in antioxidants having the highest ORAC value, over 40,000, for any fruit, vegetable or mushroom tested so far.

Half the caffeine ( 45 mg per 8 oz serving), more mental clarity and focus; replace your regular coffee with our 100% organic Arabica coffee mushroom blend, over 1200 mg of mushroom extracts per serving: 616 mg Lion's Mane, 618 mg Chaga.

What does it taste like?

Tastes like coffee, not mushrooms; Can be used in a coffee maker or for pour-over ncluding: Chemex, Cafe Solo, Clever Dripper, Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Hario V60, Siphon & Cone Brewers, etc.

Add it to your keto diet with some MCT oil to add an extra extra boost. Got some ground vanilla powder and some almond milk? create endless recipes with the added benefits of your medicinal mushroom ground coffee. Start your day focused, energized and yet still enjoy coffee without feeling tired. 

Our coffee products are USDA Certified Organic. No imported mushrooms in our products. No fillers, full spectrum lion's mane and chaga mushroom extract. Certified kosher mushrooms + Naturally kosher coffee. Grown and Harvested in the USA. 

What is fair trade?
Fair trade is a way of doing business and shopping differently. Simply put, it is a global movement where shoppers and companies prioritize people and the environment through trade. By choosing certified products, you are putting more bargaining power back into the hands of farmers and workers and investing in a global system built to make fair trade the norm.

Ingredients: 90% USDA Organic Arabica Coffee, 5% USDA Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder,5% USDA Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder

Ingredients country of origin: Brazil

Manufacturer country: USA

Roast level: 3/5

Acidity level: 3/5

Body: 4/5

Form: Ground coffee

Bruto weight: 113 g (4oz)

science behind this product


Lion's mane for depression

Pre-clinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that Lion's Mane significantly ameliorates depressive disorder through monoaminergic modulation, neurogenic/neurotrophic, and anti-inflammatory pathways, indicating the potential role of Lion's Mane as complementary and alternative medicine for the treatment of depression.


Lion's mane health effects

Lion's mane mushroom has been reported to have anti-microbial, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, and wound healing properties, among other therapeutic potentials.


Chaga health effects

Substances from Chaga have been shown to stimulate the immune system. The most promising finding was the demonstration that Chaga has hypoglycemic and insulin sensitivity potential.


Chaga against fatigue

Chaga might be a potential anti-fatigue pharmacological agent.


Chaga antiviral effects

Fractions of Chaga water extract exhibited a virucidal effect on hepatitis C virus: it 100-fold reduced its infective properties within 10 min.

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